This meeting has been organised by the Haemophilia Academy. Novo Nordisk and CSL Behring have provided a grant to the Haemophilia Academy to fund the costs associated with organising this educational meeting. Novo Nordisk and CSL Behring have had no influence into the content or arrangements for this meeting.



The Haemophilia Academy is an annual, haemophilia-focused educational event run by international experts in haematology.

Its aim is to provide specific education and support for haemophilia treaters at an early stage in their career.

The meeting is held over 4.5 days in during the final quarter of every year. The aim of the interactive programme is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills that they need to develop their career in haemophilia and to work together to discuss how to apply this information in a way that will help to optimise patient care.



Haemophilia Academy 2024

Monday 28 October - Friday 1 November 2024
Paris, France



The Haemophilia Academy is led by a distinguished Faculty of haemophilia experts from around the world.



Haemophilia Academy is entering its 17th successful year. Learn more about the delegate experience from our alumni.


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The content was very well chosen. The contents reflected a wide range of haemophilia areas, and several new data (for me) was presented. Very well organised. Excellent faculty.
2014 Haemophilia Academy participant
Thanks for an incredible experience!  So much learning and so glad to "meet" everyone virtually.  Loved learning from the lecturers and fellow participants!
2020 Haemophilia Academy Participant
I think the whole experience throughout the week had a really positive impact on my daily life as a hematologist. I simply adored the interactive workshops (where participants could vote), especially the ones on von willebrand disease and rare inherited coagulation disorders - being a shy person myself I was surprised on how much I could actively participate and learn in them. All the classes and presentations were high-level with really relevant themes.
2021 Haemophilia Academy Participant
Overall the content was excellent and the faculty delivered superb lectures and were sensitive to different experience levels and knowledge within the group. I think that this level of attention is key to the overall ‘ethics’ and feeling of the academy. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
2015 Haemophilia Academy participant
This has exceeded my expectations. Great tutors and great course environment.
2018 Haemophilia Academy participant
It was beautifully organised, expertly executed. The best course I have attended since medical school!
2022 Haemophilia Academy Participant