Haemophilia Academy

Next course 28 October – 1 November 2019
The application process for the 2019 course is now open.

Participants and selection criteria

Participants should be physicians coming towards the end of their speciality training and should exhibit evidence of a career interest in haemophilia. The Haemophilia Academy will provide them with knowledge and skills they can pass on to their colleagues, including junior trainees.

Participants should:

  • Ideally have 3-4 years´ experience in haematology
  • Have a significant focus on and career interest in haemophilia
  • Be individuals for whom haemophilia patients comprise or are likely to comprise a significant proportion of practice
  • Be nominated by their institution
  • Be available to attend a 4.5-day course in Edinburgh in late October/early November
  • Be competent in written and spoken English

Application process

Potential candidates should discuss the contents of the application pack with their Haemophilia Treatment Centre/Academic Institution/Fellowship Programme.

The pack includes:

  • Information on the Haemophilia Academy, including a draft course agenda
  • Logistics information, including details of financial support*
  • An application form for potential participants to complete
  • A letter to the Centre Director/Fellowship Programme Director from Professor Christopher Ludlam (the Haemophilia Academy Chair)

All applications must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the Centre Director/Fellowship Programme Director.

A guide for Centre Directors on writing the endorsement letter is included in the application pack.

There are only a limited number of places available at the Haemophilia Academy; each institution should, therefore, nominate only one suitable individual to apply. Should there be more applications than places, the Faculty will review the applications and select the participants. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


The application process for the 2019 course is now open.

* Due to regulations, US candidates not currently enrolled in a fellowship programme will not be eligible for funding from the Haemophilia Academy. All successful candidates are responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations regarding financial support to attend the Haemophilia Academy.