Giorgia Saccullo

I’m a Hematologist, and achieved my specialization in 2011. I’m working in coagulation area from 2005/2006, immediately after my graduation. From 2012 to 2014, I worked as Research fellow at a Coagulation Center. From 2014, I’m a Consultant at the Hematology Department. In 2016, I will be in Sheffield for a 6 months scholarship, under the Access to Insight program by Novo Nordisk.

Fun fact: A part of my life is dedicated to music. I’m not a musician, even amateur, but I love music, and travelling around music festivals has always been a passion of mine. Therefore, I do the tour management and the booking for my partner and his Rhythm and Blues band.

Policlinico Universitario Paolo Giaccone, Palermo, Italy

Tel: +39916554403